V1 – Video-Swing Analysis System

The V1 Pro is currently the most progressive digital video-swing analysis system world-wide. The American company Interactive Frontiers specialises in development of digital technologies that enhances human ability to analyse any rapid motion occurring in sports. V1 Pro makes it possible to show you exactly what is happening with your swing. You are instantly able to see adjustments made and improvement in your swing. And visualisation is the key to improvement.

The outstanding quality of the digital playback enables the professional to capture even the smallest difference to a model swing. With this system it is also possible to show the trajectory of the ball. Thus, you do not only see the movement of your swing but also - which is even more important - the effect it has on the flight of the ball. The V1 Professional System analyses not only the full shot, also chipping, pitch-ing, bunker shots or putting can be demonstrated picture by picture. This system is the #1 Video Analysis System used by top golf instructors and teaching facilities world-wide.

At your request I will provide you with a copy of your swing on CD or via the internet. This allows you to review your swing at home and see improvement over time.

If you would like to know what your swing looks like, please contact me at:
info@garywarner.de or +49 (0) 173 / 74 25 738